From vitamins to aromatherapy to natural and organic body care, your health and well-being is supported by our Livewell Department. Find familiar favorites or ask our friendly Eatwell Market teammates to assist with your needs.

Vitamins & Supplements

Peruse our curated assortment of vitamins and supplements that support healthy living throughout the lifecycle.

Body Care

Explore our selection of premium body care products, including natural and organic options.


From collagen and powders to shakes and amino acids, find the best protein supplement to support your wellness goals.

Digestive Health

A healthy, balanced gut is a key component to overall health. Check out our pre and probiotic options, functional beverages and other offerings to keep your digestive system balanced and happy.

A variety of clean, natural, and organic supplies neatly arranged on a surface, including eco-friendly cleaning products, skincare items, and household essentials, promoting a sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Wellness Inspiration

Check out our wellness articles to find inspiration, tips and ideas to support living a more natural and organic lifestyle.