Get Just What You Need When You Buy In Bulk

Stock up in our Bulk Department on items like nuts, herbs and spices, honey, nut butter and more. Our self-serve Bulk Department gives your the freedom to purchase a little or a lot, it’s up to you!

How To Bulk

Grab a bag or container

Mark it with the PLU#

Fill it with your item

seal it SHUT

Nuts & Seeds

From almonds to pecans, pack your bulk bag with the nutritional goodness of fresh nuts and seeds sold by the pound.

Herbs & Spices

Our bulk, high quality herbs and spices give you the flexibility to get as little or as much as you need of your favorite flavors.

Baking Needs

From flour to sugar to baking soda, get just the right amount of all your baking ingredients.

Nut Butter

Made fresh in store, our freshly ground nut butters are rich, smooth and creamy to fuel your next adventure.

Sweet Treats

Add a little sweetness to your cart with items like our yogurt covered pretzels or delicious chocolate coated nuts. Get some to share or just enough to treat yourself when shopping in the Bulk Department.

Grains & Legumes

Look no further for a wide selection of grains, beans and lentils to complement your home cooked meals.

Dried Fruit & Granola

Perfect for yogurt parfaits or to make-your-own trail mix, you’ll find a variety of dried fruit and granola options in our Bulk Department.